The Oil and Gas industry can be a dangerous environment with frequent potential exposure to hazardous gas. Safety is of upmost importance to keep people and the environment free of harmful gases. Therefore, gas detection instrumentation has been regulated and required by occupational safety organizations for the prevention of unsafe incidents. MetCam is taking traditional gas detection to the next level. MetCam was designed to enhance the safety features of traditional gas detection.

By using a patented dual-band infrared technology, MetCam provides a visual representation of the gas cloud and sends an alarm and an image to the operator.

Operators are able to visually see hazardous gas leaks and are armed with the pivotal information needed to make split second decisions. Understanding how large a gas leak is, where the gas cloud is going, and what the gas concentrations are can make all the difference.



  • Certified for Hazardous Location Areas (Class1 Div 1, Class 1 Zone 1)
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring
  • Effortless PLC System integration
  • Alarms 4-20mA, ONVIF, or HART
  • No subscription based software requirements
  • No calibration required