CI Sensing’s MetCam is a fully integrated autonomous Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) using Quantifying Optical Gas Imaging (QOGI) to increase site safety by continuously monitoring and alarming on the presence of hazardous gas clouds.

MetCam system supplies both visual and infrared video streams to identify where a hazardous leak is located and relaying vital information on gas cloud size, direction, and concentration allowing for a more rapid and well-informed response. MetCam also detects smaller leaks to provide insight on effective preventative maintenance operations to address any potential growing safety issues or any emissions control complications.

  • 24\7\365 automatic Methane leak detection.
  • Rates gas cloud threat by quantifying cloud dimensions and concentration.
  • Visualizes the gas cloud and leak source on a live video.
  • Industry Standard 4-20 mA, HART, ONVIF output
  • Standard GigE long distance interface with control room.
  • No software subscription required.
  • Incidence recording on internal memory.
  • Withstands harsh environment, IP66 compliant.
  • Self-calibrated, low maintenance cost.
  • Approved for hazardous areas/explosive atmospheres, Zone 1 / Class I, Div.1
  • Provides situational awareness video streaming.

Model P/N


(Extended Temperature)

Field of View 68° Horizontal x 23° Vertical
40 x 12 meters @ 30 meters distance
Working range 10 - 50 meter distance
Safety mode alarm levels A1 and A2 discrete alarms
Emissions mode Minimal detection level <60 gr/hr for Methane
Power Input 16-32 VDC
Local 4-20 mA or HART Warning, alarm inhibit & fault
To ONVIF or VMS Client Gigabit Ethernet
Explosive Atmosphere Certification Global Certification:
ATEX: II 2 G Ex db ia IIB+H2 T5 Gb
IECEx: Ex db ia IIB+H2 T5 Gb
-40°C < Ta < 60°C

NA Certification: NEC 500
Class I Div 1 Groups B, C, D, T5
-40°C < Ta < 60°C
Relative Humidity 0-100%
Operating Temperature -20°C to +40°C   / -4°F to 104°F -40°C to +60°C  / -40°F to 140°F
Ingress Protection IP66
Dimensions 156 x 236 x 183 mm
6.1 x 9.3 x 7.2"
(without accessories)
Weight 4.3 kg  /  9.5 lbs
Mechanical  4 x 10-32 UNF
Gland entrance thread 3/4" NPT

Network Setting

Power up


Web UI operations

Continuous Advanced Leaks Monitoring - Watch How It Works

How Gas Detection Sensitivity is Influenced by Environmental Conditions?


20230126155044.194.png Download MetCam Software

20230126155044.194.png Download Operational Parameters file

* Please note that the actual Software file + Operational Parameters file (the ".tar.gz" + ".conf" file), need to be extracted from the downloaded zip files. The MetCam will need the .tar.gz and the .conf files, it will not accept the .zip files.

** Please note that the Operational Parameters file (.conf) should be installed only after installation of the software file (.tar.gz).

Extraction instructions (Software + Operational Parameters files):

  • In order to extract the files in Windows, just click twice on the downloaded zip file, and copy the file (".tar.gz" or ".conf") inside to the desired folder in your computer.
  • Another option is to click the downloaded zip file with the right mouse button and choose "extract here" (to the current folder) or "extract all" and pick the desired folder you want it to be extracted to.