MetCam - Crucial to the Fight Against Climate Change.

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has identified Methane (CH4) as having 80 times more warming power than Carbon Dioxide (CO2) over a 20 year span. Therefore it has been determined that the quickest way to reduce the impact on climate change is to reduce the release of methane into the atmosphere. Paving the way to positive change, most energy companies have set strict emissions reduction targets.

MetCam is helping to reach these goals by identifying emissions when they begin and sending the operator an immediate alarm with leak rate and gas plume image. Understanding where the leak is originating via a visual representation of the gas plume image is lightyears ahead of traditional point or open path gas detectors.

It also far exceeds the effectivity of periodical (handheld​ or portable) leak detection operations where the revisit time can be weeks or months.

Using MetCam's patented dual-band technology, infrared signature of Methane is absorbed and quantified internally sending readings back to a central control panel and alarming when leaks are detected. Armed with this information prior to inspection, the field operator can arrive equipped with the proper tools they need reducing the amount of leak exposure, repair time, and lost profit.


20230214092334.229.png Over the last two centuries, methane concentrations in the atmosphere have more than doubled, largely due to human-related activities.


20230214092332.182.png Methane accounts for 20% of global emissions;


20230214092333.198.png 80 x More warming power than CO2 over 20 years


20230214092332.682.png A synthesis of the research found that the U.S. oil and gas industry was emitting at least 13 million metric tons of methane a year — about 60% more than the Environmental Protection Agency estimated at the time. 


20230214092333.713.png 25% of today's global warming is driven by Methane from human actions 


* Read here more about sources of information

How are these energy companies reaching their goals? Instrumentation like MetCam is essential in identifying emissions when they begin to reduce the amount of time emissions are escaping. Unlike traditional Method 21 leak identification, MetCam is a fixed continuous monitor that monitors for leaks 24/7.


  • Gas quantification on identified gas leaks (LPM)
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring
  • Wide Field of View (FOV) to monitor consistently without revisit time of a pan/tilt
  • Effortless PLC System integration
  • No subscription software requirements
  • No calibration required