CI Sensing's Metcam - Methane Optical Gas Imager
MetCam: Methane Optical Gas Imager

Fully Integrated Fixed Optical Gas Imaging System (OGI)

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Gas Detection that works for YOU

Gas hazards pose threats to worker safety and the environment. Unexpected leaks are a constant danger, but CI Sensing has the right solutions for you.

CI Sensing is steadily evolving to provide the right solutions for your gas detection needs. MetCam is our latest optical gas imaging solution, that provides fixed continuous 24/7 gas detection. 

MetCam offers two separate gas-imaging videos, one for threat posing clouds that have exceeded the threshold for worker safety in ppm.m and the other for smaller and/or intermittent leaks quantifying the amount of gas released over a given period of time in LPM (emissions). These videos provide essential details to alert, identify, and remedy the situation before it becomes a larger threat.

CI Sensing strives to make our solution integrations as effortless as possible. MetCam does not require any additional equipment other than the unit. All computing is done onboard the system and it connects directly into the existing PLC through 4-20 mA, HART and is ONVIF compliant. No man-in-loop or additional software subscription is required.   

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Core Values

Continuous Monitoring
Gas Cloud Quantification
Hazardous Location Compliant